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JesseBae's B Angel de Mia

Nov 22 2002 - April 10, 2014

Angel – mi vida, mi alma, mi corazon – Always

"...Those were the best days of my life..."

Angel has Mia's conformation and elegant movement. Mia's dam, BSG, Ger. Ch. Future's Unique A Helluvan Angel, SchH1, ZTP1B, is listed in Zwann's book. As you might guess I named Angel after her grand-dam. Helluvan Angel was sired by BSG, Ital.Ch, IDC Ch. Quinn dei Nobili Nati, SchH2, a multi-champion and the sire of many champions. Helluvan Angel's dam, Euro.Ch, Dutch Ch, Lux.Ch. Taiga-Unique van Stevinhage was also a multi-champion and she is also listed in Zwann's book. Mia's sire, J. Bay. Sg Saron Nymphenberg di Grifeu, Sch1 sired Jago Warrior de Furioso, SchH1, who in turn sired Rufina.

From the book "In the Beginning...A History of the Doberman" JM vd Zwann, on page 366, regarding Euro-Sgr, Dutch Ch, Lux.Ch. Taiga-Unique van Stevinhage says:

“This middle-sized, well built black bitch was known for her really wonderful body. She was bred in Holland and was picking up numerous junior titles before moving into the adult classes later. She could be criticized for her over strong head and light eyes. But all in all she is a beautiful specimen of the breed. While she never has attended a ZTP to date there is nothing much to say about her character which is normal and friendly.

Angel 8/16/2006

Angel in 2006

“In show she did very well. She became European Champion, Dutch and Luxembourgh Champion. Besides she was many times placed in the finals at numerous big Sieger shows.

“In combination with Quinn dei Nobili Nati she has given a good litter with outstanding specimens like Future's Unique Abuette, Aristo and A Helluvan Angel.”

Regarding Mia's dam, Ger.Ch, BSG. Future's Unique A Helluvan Angel, Sch1, ZTP1B, Quoting Zwann, page 400:

“Although the first litter of the dam Taiga was an out cross it was a great success and several excellent specimens were born out of this combination.

“One of the was a black bitch with the beautiful name A Helluvan Angel who was exported from Holland to Germany. Like her litter mates she is very elegant with a lot of style. She has a very good head with a clean reachy neck running into well laid shoulders. Her topline and tailset are good. She has dark markings and a nice coat.

“The bitch has done very well in the show ring and won several important Youth titles in 1990. She continued her winning by becoming a German Champion and in 1992 she won her Bundesieger title. Her character is stable and normal. Some people criticize her toughness. But she passed her Schutzhund 1 and her ZTP with 1B.”

Micah and Mia share many ancestors, one of which is DV-Sg Hertog Alpha v Le Dobry, SchH3, IPO3 angek who produced Int.Ch, Ger.Ch, Euro-Sg Semper Sciff v Stevinhage, IPO3 (from Mia's pedigree) and Micah's paternal grandsire, BSG. IDC-CH, D-CH Hargos v h Wantij, SchH3 angek, IPO3, FH, ZTP 1A.

Regarding Micah's paternal grandsire, BSG. IDC-CH, D-CH Hargos v h Wantij, SchH3 angek, IPO3, FH, ZTP 1A, quoting Zwann, page 364: This black male was bred in Holland. He is medium sized with a good head. Hargos is a strong male with a powerful underjaw, a good neck, excellent chest, strong bones, good angulation and stands correctly. His movement is good. He was very successful at the shows. When he was just 2 years old he became Bundessieger (1988). In 1990 he won the French Doberman Champion show and the IDC title. One year later he won the World Champion title at Dortmund and became best of breed. Hargos was a Dutch, German, French and International Champion. His character was very good. He not only passed his ZTP with 1A excellent but also the French character test (TAN) with the score 18/20. By passing the Korung for life with the highest score he proved the high level of his character. He received for courage and hardness a very high score like his grandfather, Nicolai vd Klosterkamp. Hargos is an outstanding sire and one of the best descendants out of the Alpha line. He transmits his excellent chest and strong bones. His hereditary power demonstrated itself in his progeny. He became a very popular stud dog and the sire of many champions.”

Angel is Vet Gen certified as a carrier; her echocardiogram was normal (Jan 2008), holter was normal and CERF (April 2008), OFA thyroid normal (February 2009), OFA elbows normal and hips OFA FAIR. She was bred to UDC CH Swift Run Showstopper v Kkro. BSA E1A BH UDC-CD WAC CGC and delivered, with complications one male pup, Ethan, on December 30, 2008. He perished with 'fading puppy syndrome' on January 2, 2009. One of my greatest regrets is that I was never able to continue these wonderful lines with Angel or Chelsea. We must accept what we can't change.