JesseBae Dobermans

Bell'Lavoro's Ballo la Dolce Vita, RN, CD


This high spirited, dominant bitch is from Danni's litter with Merlin, the "Ballo" litter. Ballo is Italian for Dance. I chose the last part of the name, la Dolce Vita, which means "the Sweet Life". Her sire is HR-CH Merlin of Black Magic Land, WAC, IPO1. She is well proportioned, 25", 67 pounds, with tons of energy and a playful temper, yet must be in charge of everyone, except me. We had a discussion and she agreed that I am in charge.

When I brought Lisey home I was calling her "Little One". I soon discovered that my sweet little puppy is tough as nails. I had recently read the book "Lisey's Story" by Stephen King. Lisey was an extremely tough woman and that's how la Dolce Vita got her call name. Lisey has play drive that is off the scale. She's also shown the most curiosity and least shyness of any Doberman I've owned. As she turned a year old I entered her in one Rally trial just to see if I could "hold onto her". We got 4th place and the loudest applause I've ever had. I think the applause was because Lisey amused the spectators by going through the Rally course with more time spent on 2 legs than on 4 legs. "Boing, Boing, Boing" I don't ever need to rev Lisey up; she has one speed - pedal to the metal.