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Our Beloved Mia · "Queen of Hearts"

MiaMia was truly a charmer. When she looked at me I felt her reach inside and touch my heart. It was an honor and a pleasure to have Mia’s company for a little over two years. During that all too brief time she captured the hearts of all who met her.

When she was 4 years old I received Mia from Joyce Terrell of Magenta Kennels so that I could train and show her in the obedience ring. What I originally took on as a chore became a blessing for me, and later I became co-owner. Every morning at breakfast she would lay her head in my lap. I dare say obedience was not her favorite passtime, but she loved to please me.

Mia loved to be by my side, and she also loved being a couch potato. Coming to the obedience ring later in life she felt that there were other things she’d rather be doing, like chewing a bone, going for a walk, or laying in bed. But because of her desire to please she did work for me and we had two legs on her Companion Dog title. I had expected to complete her title the following spring.

Joyce imported Mia from Germany as a pup. Her dam, Ger. Ch, BSG. Future’s Unique A Helluvan Angel, SchH1, is listed in the book, "In The Beginning...A History of the Doberman" by JD Zwann. Mia lived up to her pedigree; she was quite beautiful and graceful with an elegant gait. She had a lovely head and the clearest, darkest markings I have ever seen. Her conformation was much like her dam, with a nice chest and well-laid shoulders. She was quite square with a strong topline, proper tailset and very nice angulation. Mia was intelligent, devoted, loving, and a pure joy to have as a companion. My friends and family all fell in love with her.

Joyce and I bred her to Micah in the September, 2002. Mia went into whelp on 11/20/02. She had complications delivering the pups and she required a caesarian section, which she did not survive. There are no words adequate to describe the horror of that event or the grief that followed and still lives on. To lose a dam in that way, with 8 newborn pups, was unthinkable.

Mia was a "pearl of great value". I lost my pearl, and as she left, she gave me 8 little pearls: 6 boys and 2 girls, all black/rust. Then with my friends and family we faced the challenge of raising 8 pups from day one. We bottle feed them and all 8 survived.

A bright moment came when one of Joyce's dams, Petra Bella Luna, was having a false pregnancy and producing milk. Joyce sent Luna to us and Luna immediately adopted the pups as her own. The pups had received some colostrum that we took from Mia immediately after her passing and by the next day they were nursing on Luna. Though she didn't produce much milk she was an excellent surrogate mother giving the pups not only some milk but also loving maternal attention. I'm thankful to Luna and to Joyce, and I'm very grateful to have had my B Angel de Mia as my constant companion.