JesseBae Dobermans

Magenta's T Micah v JesseBae, CD

July 21, 1998 - August 8, 2009

It was distinct honor and pleasure to have had Magenta's T Micah vom JesseBae, CD for 11 years. Micah was of pure European breeding from the Wantij and Mahuba lines. Micah's sire, Aron v Silverbach, SchH3 was sired by BSG. IDC-CH, D-CH Hargos v h Wantij, SchH3 angek, IPO3, FH, ZTP 1A. Micah's dam, Hexe v Hartbruch, SchH3, FH, ZTP SG1A, was sired by Ikarus vd Kollau, SchH3 angek. So both of Micah's grandsires passed the Korung. This is the pinnacle of achievement for a working Doberman.

Hexe was bred in Europe and then Joyce Terrell, of Magenta Kennels, imported her. Micah was whelped July 21, 1998 and I acquired him from Joyce in December. At that time I wasn't really looking for a dog but when I saw Hexe and then saw Micah and his pedigree I realized that some opportunites are too rare to refuse. He evolved into a handsome, well muscled male with a working drive that lived up to his pedigree.

I was truly a novice in every sense, so with my lack of experience, which was then limited even in AKC, I took him no farther than CD. It's truly a shame because he was capable of so much more. He easily finished his novice title in 3 trials taking a third place in one, and of course my handling lost most of our points. I feel that Micah represents the very best in Doberman breeding and temperament. When you saw Micah in his prime you saw power, confidence and agility. His hips were OFA Good and his thryoid was certified normal, also he was CERF in 2009. Every holter was normal with his last one at age 10 having no PVCs.

Like one of his ancestors, Bingo v Ellendonk, Micah could have used more chest. His paws could be tighter, but he has a beautiful head, full dentition, good shoulder placement, a good topline, tuck, tailset and his angulation was great. Not only did his ancestors do well in working sports but I know that his brother, Titus, was also titled in Schutzhund.

More than two out of three of Micah's ancestors appear in Zwann's book. Along with Hargos vh Wantij there are Olive of Bamby's Pride, Candy van't Smeulveen, IPO1, DV-Sg Hertog Alpha v Le Dobry, SchH3, IPO3 angek, Int.CH, Ger.CH Alva v Franckenhorst, SchH1, Bonita v Rensloo, SchH2, Int.CH, Ger.CH Esmir v Hermansjomaik, SchH1, IPO2, Nor Ch, Gunterforst Burga, Br. H.I, and Euro-SG, VDH-SG Chanine v Mahuba, SchH3, FH.

Those who appear more than once are the awesome Bingo v Ellendonk, SchH3, IPO3, KKLI (four times, once in each grandparent), Ger.CH, Int.CH Guy's Hilo v NordenStamm, SchH3 (three times), Nor Ch, Int'l Multi-Ch Bryan v Forell, SchHIII (twice), Int.CH, Ger.CH Don Dayan v Franckenhorst, SchH1 (twice), Nicolai v Kloster-Kamp, SchH3, FH, IPO3 angek (twice), Int.CH, BSG, Ger.CH, DV-SG, IDC-CH, VDH-SG, Euro-SG Ali v Langenhorst KKL I, SchH3 (twice), and BSG. Int.CH, Euro-SG, VDH-SG, Ger.CH Jago v Beelen, SchH2, Angek (twice).

Micah briefly came out of retirement in July 2007 to participate in Veteran's class at the Evansville Obedience Club. With very little practice the old man and I scored a 192. Imagine if we had trained before the match! We celebrated Micah's 11th birthday on July 21, 2009 and he received his longevity certificate from the DPCA. With Rufina having her certificate as well, our C litter qualified for the Bred for Longevity certificate.

I could not possibly have asked for a better dog than Micah. He was everything a Doberman should be, andI miss him greatly. After battling sarcoma for several months, he passed on the same day that I brought Arielle home, August 8th, 2009.

Micah's semen is available for select breedings.