JesseBae Dobermans

Origins of JesseBae

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”   –   Mahatma Gandhi

I have always felt that dogs greatly enhance our lives. Dogs serve many valuable functions in our world ranging from family pet to therapy, search and rescue, performance competition, security and more. Dobermans can do all of these and they're excellent companions. Individuals, families and society are enriched by these dogs who provide entertainment and affection, as well as a measure of personal protection.

The bond between dog and owner is a source of joy and Dobermans bond tremendously. In fact, Dobermans require a lot of close human interaction and they don't do well without it. Prospective owners must realize that Dobes are an intelligent, high drive, enthusiastic and energetic breed; they require a lot of your time and attention. What you invest in your Doberman will be returned to you many times over, so it is important to have the necessary resources. Time, money, patience and the desire to learn from your dog as well as from books and other dog experts are the main requirements. I recommend joining Doberman clubs and training clubs. I am a member of the United Doberman Club, and the Evansville Obedience Club. Obedience training is essential in helping the dog realize his place in the family or, as the dog sees it, his pack.

I received my B.S. in Biology from Indiana University in 1979, and then my Doctor of Optometry from Indiana University School of Optometry in 1981. My practice enabled me to breed, train and show my Dobes. Since 1994 my love and admiration for the Doberman has grown each year. For me there is no dog that is more noble, or one that has more to offer. Dobermans' devotion to owner and to family has no bounds.

I bred with the goal to produce the best quality possible. I bred to standard for conformation and temperament. I expect my dogs to be neither shy nor vicious but rather outgoing and assertive. My goal is to place my dogs in homes where they will be a valued family member and guardian. If they are placed in a performance or working home, that is an extra reward for me and for my pups. I bred my dogs because they are healthy, of great lineage, good conformation, high intelligence and stable temperament. And because I expected their contribution to better the breed.

I was very fortunate to acquire the Dobes that became the foundation for my breeding program. Micah, Mia and Rufina, all had a common ancestry, and, as such they were the product of years of work by European Doberman experts. It was my intention to carry on these bloodlines and to see that they remain vital and healthy. I am honored to have Dobermans of such high quality that their grandparents and great-grandparents are noted in print as being some of the best Dobermans of all time. More information on this subject is available in each Dobe's pedigree and in the page, Our Dobes.

My first canine companion was Jesse. He was an accidental cross breed between a shepherd mix (owned by a friend) and his neighbor's coon hound. Though he was not a purebred he was an intelligent and devoted companion for almost fourteen years. When Jesse succumbed to cancer I took a year to do research as to what breed would make the best companion. I chose the Doberman and now I can't imagine life without one. Every breed has its own challenges and blessings so certainly Dobes are not for everyone. But I've met many people over the years who feel the same as I do, regardless of their problems, life would not be the same without a Doberman.

I wanted to name my kennel after my first canine best friend, Jesse. I talked with family and friends to get ideas. My best human friend said, "He was certainly a good friend, your amigo, your Bon Ami." I feel that his spirit lives on and so I added Eternally which gave me BAE and thus, JesseBAE. Strange that 30 years later the word "Bae" has come into use. It still applies for me because Jesse was "before anyone else".