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Circa 2014

I've had Dobermans since 1994 and I've participated in AKC obedience since 1996. My first Doberman, Nicki, was purely American bred. In our first Novice A trial we got 2nd place in Lexington Kentucky. That got me hooked. We only entered 9 or 10 novice trials over a year's time, but we got two 1st places in addition to the 2nd.

As much as I loved Nicki and her pups, once I met Joyce Terrell of Magenta Kennels and her Dobermans, I knew that I had found what I what I was looking for. Her Dobes were exceptional. Joyce imported and bred some wonderful dogs from Europe including:

  • Arras v Wehebach, SchH3, IPO3, FH
  • Jago Warrior de Furioso, SchH1
  • Hexe v Hartbruch, SchH3, FH, SG1A
  • Robusto van't Ravenland, IPO3
  • Magenta's von der Barlinge

I personally met Jago and Hexe, as well as (von der Barlinge) Mia. They had world class pedigrees, good comformation, and truly fine temperaments. I was incredibly fortunate to meet Joyce and to acquire my Dobes from her. Along the way I've met several other Doberman experts who have been very kind and helpful to me.

Currently, I have put CD's on 5 of my Dobes. With more tasks than time, it has taken me another ten years to get to the point where I'm ready to go further in obedience. Unfortunately, I was not prepared to do so with Micah. Truly a shame as he had the most intelligence, physical ability and desire to work of all the Dobes I've had. I hope to show Chelsea in open this year. And then starting new again next year with Arielle.

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